Having invested extensively over the years in obtaining and running our own plant machinery on site, our groundwork services have been sought by residential, commercial and trade clients looking for an owner driver digger contractor.  We undertake all types of construction, excavation, groundwork and landscape work, including:


Foundations, drainage, site clearance, test holes, service trenches, replacement septic tanks and overflows, ponds, driveways, paving and stump removal.  We also are able to offer concrete breaking, removal and processing.  For construction projects, we can often dispose of hardcore waste on site.


We provide a reliable and cost effective service with works undertaken to the highest standard.  We are able to operate and provide machines suitable for small and large works - JCB, 360 tracked machines and mini diggers.  All our operators are fully insured and qualified.  

We continue to invest in our equipment in order to offer our clients the best service possible at highly competitive rates.  Our excavation and processing tools are easily transported from site to site, further reducing costs as haulage and additional hire is not required. 


Some of the services we offer and tools we utilise to deliver them are listed and explained below.


Recycling on site

We have facilities to recycle inert building waste on site.  With the cost of removing waste from site now so high, we can offer a competitive advantage by recycling much of the waste that would otherwise be removed quickly and efficiently.  Not only does this significantly reduce site clearance costs, but it also reduces those for procurement of material as well as being much better for the environment.


Concrete Breaker

Our concrete breaker enables us to breakdown and dispose of substantial hardstanding.  It is a powerful tool and very useful, enabling us to deal with large areas quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss, noise and cost for our clients. 


Ripper Tooth

This tool is useful for helping to break up hardstanding and other materials, but is also especially useful for tree stump removal.  


Riddle Bucket

The Riddle Bucket is effectively a giant sieve, separating waste elements from soil.  This is especially useful on site as it enables us to recycle and reuse rubble which can be used elsewhere on site, often further reducing client costs.


Screening Bucket

Specifically used for screening Top Soil, removing all debris and unwanted material - improving the end product and finish, plus reducing cost for our clients as often, existing site material can be screened and reused without the need to acquire new material.


Crusher Bucket

Our Crusher Bucket is a very effective piece of kit!  High powered, it operates like a regular excavator bucket.  But once rubble is in the bucket, a plate of teeth close down on the contents and crush them to a manageable aggregate.  This material is especially useful for oversights, sub bases, driveways, under paving and other building requirements.

We can process up to 12 tons an hour.  With skip and waste disposal costs now so high, processing material on site significantly reduces waste disposal costs and gives us a clear competitive advantage over other contractors.


Compactor Plate

For tench work, the plate compacts the trench which minimises subsidence, thus increasing reliability and efficiency.


Grading Beam

Levelling large areas to high precision and tolerances.  We have used this frequently on projects including an Olympic standard Riding School.