Since founding the company, extensions and alterations have represented the largest part of our portfolio.  However, around 25 years ago, we were approached to undertake a new build project for a client and since then, we have undertaken many more.  It has always been an objective of the company to grow and become more than just a building contractor.  Our wealth of experience has enabled us to become a fully fledged property developer with our first project selling for full asking price in 2012 and has also seen us diversify very successfully into groundworks.


There is an art to blending new with old and this is especially important for residential extension and alteration work.  This is something our clients value highly and we pride ourselves in achieving with consistent high standards, using only the best materials, techniques and highly skilled craftsmen.


However, no matter how meticulous the planning, approach and execution, building work can sometimes be a major upheaval for the client and inconvenience for their neighbours.  On any project, consideration is always made to those living on or near site, ensuring noise and dust levels were kept to a minimum.  We pride ourselves in operating a clean and tidy work site at all times and that the building process is as painless as possible not only for our clients but also their neighbours.